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To Chai For (Vegan Chai Mix)

To Chai For (Vegan Chai Mix)

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This vegan masala chai spice blend will have you feeling like you're in your cozy socks in front of the fireplace even if you're in a 9 a.m. meeting wearing a suit.

There is no dairy in the mix so you can stir it into a warm cup of milk or non dairy beverage of your choice. Our favorite is oat milk! 

We formulated this recipe to make a fragrant, spicy chai that is not too sweet. 


spices, brown sugar, organic cane sugar, organic black tea, orange powder, ginger, turmeric, black pepper


Mix 2 to 3 teaspoons into 8 oz of hot milk or non dairy beverage (use 4 oz of liquid if you are going to pour it over ice after well blended)

Add an oz or 2 of spiced rum for an awesome cocktail

Use it to season pork, salmon, duck, sweet potatoes, eggplant or squash

Mix it into some pancakes or french toast

Sprinkle over apples, berries or pears

Use in cookies, banana or zucchini breads






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Customer Reviews

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PamPamela Polak
Absolutely amazing.

I’m completely in love with the warm, cozy flavors of the “To Chai For “ As it’s become my most favorite chai. It’s warm, relaxing and everything perfect.

Kathryn Zahra
Sooo cozy!

This is hands down my favorite chai. It’s like a warm blanket on a cold day. I love it with oat milk or even just in my coffee for an extra boost in the morning.

Dru Naccarato
Goodbye Starbucks!

The only time I ever go to Starbucks is for the Caramel Chai latte. Just tried the To Chai For with some almond milk and Caramel syrup and it is to die for!!! Way better than Starbucks!

Katherine Wood
Chai makes me happy!

This chai mix melts my heart. It is my go to every morning. I recently stopped drinking coffee but needed something other than leaf tea to get me going in the am. I found this and it hit the spot. I drink it cold or hot. The flavors are on spot. Mmm it’s yummy!!!

Best spice EVER!!

I’m seriously addicted to this! It’s the perfect combination of sweet and spice. It’s delicious in coffee, protein shakes, pancakes, apples, and so much more!!