About Us

Once upon a time....

There were 3 little ladies who loved to eat and drink and cook.

They worked and played with food all day as they were cooks and bartenders and servers for their whole freaking lives. All three of the women knew that one day they wanted to share their own food and passion with all the people in all the land. They cooked for family and friends and strangers alike as they developed recipes from all over the world and made them friendly for all types of dietary preferences. They knew there was a better way to make cooking easy at home for all types from the culinarily challenged to the mind-blowing hash slinger. Without chemicals or preservatives they transformed their tried and true recipes into dry spice blends that liberate their homies from breaking the bank, needing a ton of ingredients, or taking up too much precious time.

So, The Munching Box was born...

One magical day these three ladies got together and decided it was time to share their love with the world, starting with Colorado. 

See what you can create with our globally inspired spice blends. Our recipes are easy peasy, check them out and join in the fun on Instagram!