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Onion To Love (Onion Dip and Seasoning Blend)

Onion To Love (Onion Dip and Seasoning Blend)

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 Be the most invited guest with this alluring onion mix in your bag of tricks. Dipping chips and veggies in your creamy dip will be an afternoon delight that will leave everyone begging for more!


minced onion, onion powder, kosher salt, garlic, spices, organic cane sugar, pepper


Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons with sour cream (add 2 tablespoons of mayo and 2 tablespoons  of cream  cheese if you are feeling frisky) to make a dip

Mix 2 tablespoons into 1 lb of ground beef for burgers or meatloaf

Add 2 tablespoons to 16 oz of hot beef or vegetable broth for a yummy onion soup

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Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Zahra
A staple in my spice cabinet

I have to keep this on hand at all times. Any time I’m making a sauce, or a soup and I know there’s something I need to make the flavors pop, I add Onion to Love. Works every time. Making dinner and realize you used your last onion yesterday? Don’t worry. I’ve got Onion to Love in the cabinet. Problem solved. Unexpected guests stop by and need a snack? Onion to Love makes sure you’re the last minute host with the most! Make those hungry guest some dip with sour cream, mayo whatever creamy you have on hand and they won’t be hungry for long. It’s the most versatile spice in my cabinet.

Michael Smith

Onion To Love (Onion Dip and Seasoning Blend)

Love this blend!

I use this blend in EVERYTHING. It is dried onions but better! It makes delicious dips, goes great in all kinds of soups and stews, and just adds a tasty kick to so many dishes. I have reordered this blend a few times!

My Most Favorite

I am typically not an onion fan at all, however, this one was a game changer. I literally use it on almost everything. My family loves it most in burgers or to make onion soup with!! It’s a household-must-have!!